Korean Birthday Vocabulary

Happy birthday! Today, we’re bringing you some common and useful words related to birthdays in Korean. like everywhere else in the world, Koreans celebrate birthdays with cakes, parties, and presents.

They’re usually pretty fun occasions and there’s usually lots of good food to be had. Want to learn how to say ‘Happy birthday’? Check out our post on this phrase here.

Vocabulary in this infographic:

생신 (saeng-shin) = birthday (formal)

생일 (saeng-il) = birthday (informal)

초 (cho) = candle

케이크 (ke-i-keu) = cake

케익 (ke-ik) = cake

선물 (seon-mul) = present

기념하다 (gi-nyeom-ha-da) = to celebrate

파티 (pa-ti) = party

풍선 (pung-seon) = balloon

초를 불다 (cho-reul bul) = to blow out candles

소원을 빌다 (so-weon-eul bil-da) = to make a wish

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