Cooking Utensils Vocabulary in Korean Infographic

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For this post, you will learn some common utensils that are used in the kitchen. Since these are used fairly often, they will come in handy, especially if you’re into cooking. Asking where certain items are, or finding certain items for other people is necessary and useful.

Hope you enjoyed the infographic! List of words in this graphic can be found below:

(kal) = knife

계량 컵 (gye-ryang) = measuring cup

거품기 (geo-pum-gi) = whisk

뒤집게 (dwi-jip-ge) = spatula

포크 (po-keu) = fork

스푼 (seu-pun) = spoon

젓가락 (jeot-ga-rak) = chopsticks

집게 (jip-ge) = tongs

도마 (do-ma) = chopping board

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