Months in Korean are pretty easy to learn. Like many other vocabulary words, they all have a syllable in common that they just attach to every word. So in this instance, it’s “월” which means month.

So in Korean, you just put the number corresponding to the month (sino numbers) in front of 월 to pronounce the month. Also notice that for June and October, the name is slightly changed from it’s original number to make them easier to pronounce.

Here are the words and audio files for this infographic:


a. 일월 = January

b. 이월 = February

c. 삼월 = March

d. 사월 = April

e. 오월 = May

f. 유월 = June

g. 칠월 = July

h. 팔월 = August

i. 구월 = September

j. 시월 = October

k. 십일월 = November

l . 십이월 = December


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