We know learning Korean can be intimidating, but we’ve listed 50 words you can learn easily here in this article. These are simple to pronounce, easy to read, and easy to remember. A great way to start your memory bank of Korean words! Ready? Let’s start!

개 (gae) = dog

밤 (bam) = night (pronounced like ‘bahm’)

곰 (gom) = bear (pronounced like ‘gohm’)

사자 (sa-ja) = lion (pronounced like ‘sah-jah’)

도시 (do-si) = city (pronounced like ‘do-shi’)

뱀 (baem) = snake (pronounced like the word ‘bam’)

불 (bul) = fire (pronounced like ‘bool’)

시간 (si-gan) = time (pronounced like ‘shi-gahn’)

모자 (mo-ja) = hat (pronounced like ‘mo-jah’)

차 (cha) = car/tea (pronounced like the ‘cha’ in chart)

해 (hae) = sun

눈 (nun) = eyes/snow (pronounced like the word ‘noon’)

돈 (don) = money (pronounced like the ‘don’ in don’t)

물 (mul) = water (pronounced like ‘mool’)

바다 (ba-da) = sea/ocean (pronounced like ‘bah-dah’)

배 (bae) = pear/stomach/ship (pronounced like the ‘ba’ in bake)

네 (ne) = yes (pronounced like ‘neh’)

날 (nal) = day (pronounced like ‘nahl’)

발 (bal) = foot (pronounced like ‘bahl’)

손 (son) = hand (pronounced like ‘sohn’)

팔 (pal) = arm (pronounced like ‘pahl’)

몸 (mom) = body (pronounced like ‘mohm’)

하늘 (ha-neul) = sky

날씨 (nal-ssi) = weather (pronounced like ‘nahl-sshi’)

책 (chaek) = book (pronounced similar to the word ‘check’)

음식 (eum-sik) = food

고기 (go-gi) = meat (pronounced like ‘go-gee’)

자 (ja) = ruler (pronounced like ‘jah’)

학교 (hak-gyo) = school

새 (sae) = bird

문 (mun) = door (pronounced similar to the word ‘moon’)

포도 (po-do) = grapes (pronounced like ‘poh-doh’)

집 (jib) = house

칼 (kal) = knife (pronounced like ‘kahl’)

비누 (bi-nu) = soap (pronounced like ‘bee-new’)

수영 (su-yeong) = swimming (pronounced like ‘su-young’)

공항 (gong-hang) = airport

기차 (gi-cha) = train (pronounced like ‘gee-chah)

경찰 (gyeong-chal) = police

비 (bi) = rain (pronounced similar to the word ‘bee’)

강 (gang) = river (pronounced like ‘gahng’)

지도 (ji-do) = map (pronounced like ‘jee-do’)

산 (san) = mountain (pronounced like ‘sahn’)

지구 (ji-gu) = earth (pronounced like ‘jee-gu’)

학생 (hak-saeng) = student

선생님 (seon-saeng-nim) = teacher (pronounced like ‘sun-saeng-neem’)

의사 (ui-sa) = doctor (pronounced like ‘uee-sah’)

간호사 (gan-ho-sa) = nurse (pronounced like ‘gahn-ho-sahn’)

달 (dal) = moon (pronounced like ‘dahl’)

별 (byeol) = star

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