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Our last featured the Korean word for , so go take a look if you haven’t already.

For today, we’re looking at how to say apple in Korean. It is probably one of the first and easiest ‘fruit’ words to learn. Namely, because a lot of people like apples and another reason is that the Korean word for apple which is ‘사과’ (sa-gwa) is also the formal word for an apology in Korean. You will often hear people say ‘사과합니다’ as an apology.

People also like to make corny puns between the two words. Here are some sentences using the word apple in Korean.

내가 제일 좋아하는 과일은 사과예요. (nae-ga je-il jo-a-ha-neun gwa-il-eun sa-gwa-ye-yo) = My favorite fruit is an apple.

사과를 좋아해요? (sa-gwa-reul jo-a-hae-yo) = Do you like apples?

If you’re curious about other fruits in Korean, check out our big infographic on fruit vocabulary here.