Continents in Korean

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Welcome back! We have a simple post for you today. As you can see, most of the continents have similar names to their English versions which makes them easy to remember. The one exception is Antarctica. Also, if you look at North and South America, you can learn two new words. 북 means north, and 남 means south.

Words in this infographics

북아메리카 (buk-a-me-ri-ka) = North America

남아메리카 = (nam-a-me-ri-ka) = South America

아프리카 (a-peu-ri-ka) = Africa

유럽 (yu-reop) = Europe

아시아 (a-si-a) = Asia

오세아니아 (o-se-a-ni-a) = Oceania

남극 대륙 (nam-geuk dae-ryuk) = Antarctica