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How to Say Good Game in Korean

Raise your hand if you’re a gamer! If you’ve played with Koreans on their servers or just in general on other games, you may be confused or wondering what some of their game talks may mean.

Korean is a lot like English in this sense. We have a lot of words for good game, bye bye, see ya, etc.

So let’s start off with good game.

In English, ‘good game’ is abbreviated with ‘gg’. When you sound it out, it sounds like gee gee. Well in Korean, the sound is basically the same.

When you see ㅈㅈ for good game, it’s a shortened form of  ‘지지’ which is basically the Korean sound for the letter g two times in a row. It was probably made popular once online gaming got popular in Korea, and they just adapted already known terms in English, and made them into shortened Korean forms.

Here are some other game speak shortcuts you might encounter or could use:

  • ㅁㅇ for sorry (미안)
  • ㄱㅅ for thank you (감사합니다)
  • ㅂㅂ for bye bye (바이바이)
  • ㅎㅇ for Hi (하이)
  • ㅇㅇ for yes (응응)
  • ㄴ for no (노)
  • ㅅㄱ for well done (수고했어요)
  • ㅈㅅ for sorry (죄송합니다)

Overwatch, Battlegrounds, and Fortnite are pretty popular here these days, but I don’t have the time to play any of them. You will see tons of young people playing them if you visit a PC방 in Korea.

Also, you may want to check out our more in-depth infographic on Game Terms in Korean. Good luck!

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