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Summer Vocabulary in Korean

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We are in the dead heat of summer here in Korea. In fact, it’s been the hottest summer on record in decades and definitely been the hottest summer in my 9 years of living here. I can’t even walk outside 2 minutes without being drenched in sweat.

Usually the rainy season lasts for half the summer and we only have to deal with super hot temps from the beginning of August, but the heat has been blazing since early July as the rainy season lasted only 7 days.

We have been running the AC constantly and trying to stay cool. We thought it would be a perfect time to do some summer vocabulary for you guys.

If you are ever thinking about visiting Korea, avoid July and August if you can. It’s hot, humid, rainy (usually), and sticky. Of course, if you have no choice, then just make sure to stay cool, check out a few waterparks and enjoy it as best you can. Also check out our other post on weather vocabulary. (And yes we added the last vocabulary word as a joke because when I walk outside, it feels like hell.)

Vocabular in this infographic:

여름 (yeo-reum) = Summer

수영장 (su-yeong-jang) = Swimming pool

선글라스 (seon-geul-la-seu) = Sunglasses (this is Konglish for the English word. 색안경 is also sometimes used.)

수영복 (su-yeong-bok) = Swimming suit

해변 (hae-byeon) = Beach

덥다 (deop-da) = Hot (Conjugated would be 더워/더워요)

해/태양 (hae/tae-yang) Sun

장마 (jang-ma) = Rainy season

지옥 (ji-ok) = Hell