How to Say Kiss in Korean

How to Say Kiss in Korean

Big fan of Korean dramas and movies? Kpop? You’ve likely seen a lot of kissing scenes with all the shows that revolve around romance.

If you are a big fan of these, then you probably already know the words for kiss in Korean. For those of you that don’t, we are gonna teach you the two main words for kiss, and some phrases that are related to these words.

First, let’s start of with the first word in the picture:

뽀뽀 (bbo-bbo)

This is usually always referring to a peck on the cheek or lips. This word is more innocent and is not considered to be a serious kiss.

For the second one:

키스 (ki-seu)

This one is used for serious kisses on the lips. So something like a kiss that’s longer than 3 seconds with lips moving and all that jazz.

If you want to say “Have you ever been kissed?” you would say:

키스해 본 적 있어요?(ki-seu-hae bon jeok i-sseo-yo)

If you want to say kiss me or let’s kiss:

키스해/키스해요 (ki-seu-hae/ki-seu-hae-yo)

A more common way (maybe a bit of slang here) would be to say 뽀뽀해줘 (bbo-bbo hae jweo) which literally means “Give me a kiss.”

Another common topic you might find in dramas is the very important first kiss. This is known as 첫키스 (cheot-ki-seu). 첫  means first and is simply added onto the word kiss.

Finally, we have morning kiss. This one much like first kiss, simply places the word for morning before the word kiss. You would simply 아침키스 (a-chim ki-seu). 아침 is the word for morning.

And that’s it! Really simple right? If you want more terms related to love and dating, check out our terms of endearment page and love terms page.

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