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flower in korean

The pronunciation of the word flower in Korean can be a little difficult for beginners. Usually the syllable ‘ㅊ’ sounds like a ‘ch’ sound. However, when it is in the final position of a word, it has a soft t sound. It’s a very abrupt t sound and sound similar to the Korean word for clothes ‘옷’.

Also, if you didn’t know already, Korean has counters for many things. For flowers, the counter is 송이. So for example if you wanted to ask for flowers:

장미 한 송이 주세요 (jang-mi han song-i ju-se-yo) = One rose please.

장미 다섯 송이 주세요 (jang-mi da-seot song-i ju-se-yo) = Five roses please.

If you want to order a bunch, then you would use the counter 다발.

꽃 한 다발 주세요 (kkot han da-bal ju-se-yo) = One bunch of flowers please.

As you can see in the graphic, we added three types of flowers:

장미 (jang-mi) = Rose

튜울립 (tu-ul-lib) = Tulip

해바라기 (hae-ba-ra-gi) = Sunflower

Here are some other flowers:

벛꽃 (beot-kkot) = Cherry blossom

백합 (baek-hap) = Lily

연꽃 (yeon-kkot) = Lotus Flower

국화 (guk-hwa) = Chrysanthemum

데이지 (de-i-ji) = Daisy

진달래 (jin-dal-lae) = Azalea

살구꽃 (sal-gu-kkot) = Apricot blossoms

카네이션 (ka-ne-i-shyeon) = Carnation

제비꽃 (je-bi-kkot) = Violet

민들레 (min-deul-le) = Dandelion

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