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How to Say Star in Korean

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We did a post on the solar system awhile back, but never got around to some of the other space vocabulary we intended to do. So today, we’re going to start off with just simple one. The word for ‘star’ in Korean.

The word for star is 별.

It’s a very simple and easy to remember word.

Korean like English is great in a sense that other vocabulary words that are related to one word use the same base. So for example with 별,  you could use it to make other words like:

별빛 = starlight

별자리 = constellation

별표 = asterisk

샛별 = morning star

별똥 = meterorite

On the flip side, if you wanted to describe a star as in a famous actor or actress, you could use many words to describe them.


This is just the word ‘star’ written in Konglish. Sounds very close to the English version and is not hard to forget.


This literally means famous actor or actress. The word ‘인기’ means popular

인기 있는 사람

This is similar to the above and simply means a popular person. The word ‘인기’ appears again and is followed by ‘있는’ which is a variation of the verb 있다 which means to have. The grammar point is a bit too long to explain for this post, but this phrase literally means a person who has popularity.

A few sample sentences:

별이 나와 있다 (byeol na-wa it-ta) The stars are out.
별이 떨어진다 (byeol ddeol-eo-jin-da) A star falls.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Korean

Now for some randomness. Here is how you can sing the song in Korean:

반짝반짝 작은 별
아름답게 비치네
동쪽 하늘에서도
서쪽 하늘에서도
반짝반짝 작은 별
아름답게 비치네

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star beautifully shines
In the western sky, in the eastern sky
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star beautifully shines

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