How to Say Water in Korean

How to Say Water in Korean

The word for water in Korean is very easy to learn and kind of sounds like an extending cow sound (moo) in English with an l sound added on at the end.

This should be one of the first words you learn and you should know how to ask for water as well. A lot of other words use “물” such as “콧물” for mucus. It literally means nose water. Same thing for tears which is “눈물” which literally means eye water.

We’ve also included other words related to water in the infographic above:

비 = Rain

바다 = Ocean

눈물 = Tears

수돗물 = Tap Water

Asking for cold water in Korean:

찬물 좀 주시겠어요? (Polite)

chan-mul jom ju-si-ge-sseo-yo?

찬물 좀 줄래? (Casual)

chan-mul jom jul-lae?

Clear Water in Korean:

맑은물 (When looking at the ocean, sea, lake, or river)


깨끗한물 (When talking about drinking water. Literally means “clean water”)


Bottled Water in Korean:



Mineral Water in Korean:



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