Days of the Week in Korean

Days of the Week in Korean

Days of the Week in Korean

Here we introduce you to how to say days of the week in Korean. All of them end in “요일” (kind of like “day” in English) and can be shortened to just the first syllable (common on calendars and good for quickly sharing information).

If you study these for even just an hour, you should be able to memorize them easily and once you do that, it’s just a matter of daily use and applying it to your everyday life.

The words are also derived from Chinese characters:

日 = 일 (il)  Which means sun/day

月 = 월 (wol) Which means moon

火 = 화 (hwa) Which means fire

水 = 수 (su) Which means water

木 = 목 (mok) Which means wood/tree

金 = 금 (geum) Which means gold

土 = 토 (to) Which means earth

List of vocabulary in this graphic:

일요일 (il-yo-il) = Sunday

월요일 (weol-yo-il) = Monday

화요일 (hwa-yo-il) = Tuesday

수요일 (su-yo-il) = Wednesday

목요일 (mok-yo-il) = Thursday

금요일 (geum-yo-il) = Friday

토요일 (to-yo-il) = Saturday

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