How to Say T-shirt, Shoes, Pants, and more in Korean

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Here it is! Some vocabulary for common everyday clothing items. However, unlike English where we say “Wear” for everything, there are many different verbs for the word “wear” depending on which item you are talking about. We did a graphic about it here. If you want to study even more and improve your Korean, check out our ebooks over at the Dom & Hyo Store.

Korean vocabulary in this infographic:

티셔츠 (ti-syeo-cheu) = T-shirt

안경 (an-gyeong) = Glasses

반지 (ban-ji) = Ring

양말 (yang-mal) = Socks

바지 (ba-ji) = Pants

청바지 (cheong-ba-ji) = Jeans

반바지 (ban-ba-ji) = Shorts

치마 (chi-ma) = Skirt

손목세계 (son-mok-se-gye) = Watch

귀걸이 (gwi-geol-i) = Earrings

신발 (shin-bal) = Shoes

단추 (dan-chu) = Button