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Small Differences in Korean

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6 thoughts on “Small Differences in Korean (Part 1)

  1. Patrick07 says:

    This is one of the reason that is hard for me speak korean correctly, because most of the time I mispronunciates a world, and have to write it down to explain myself. They’re quites a lost of words that sounds exactly the same for me for example: ne and nae, saram and sarang, gae and ge, etc

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Yep there are a lot of these. Look out for part 2 soon.

      PS. You were right about your package. I got an email saying it couldn’t be delivered to the DR so I will send you a free copy of our ebook and when our next ebook comes out in January, you will get a free copy of that as well ^^

      • Patrick07 says:

        Oh, and I was at the ponit to contact you again to tell yu that I still haven’t receive the t-shirt :/, is ok, thanks for the book anyway 😀

      • Patrick07 says:

        I’ll also send to yo an email to ask you something

  2. Michael Hwang says:

    Good job, Dominic. Even if pronouncing a word ‘eighteen’ is not easy, we have to watch what we say.

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