I went with the cat. Now the only word I know is 야옹.

  • Patrick07

    Internet Websites (like this one), Straming Movies, Series and Dramas, and Music.

  • Pat Pat

    I learn from music, tv/dramas, and apps.

  • Tara (Beyond Hallyu)

    Conjuring up the spirit of King Sejong, duh.

    On a more serious note, I use apps, dramas/movies and also news articles and stories. Apps help me improve my vocabulary, dramas and movies tremendously improve my listening (I watch with Korean subtitles or no subs at all) and reading news articles and stories out loud to myself helps improve my fluency in speaking. I occasionally use Lang-8, which is a website that allows you to write stuff in the language you want to learn and have it corrected by native speakers. Music is hella confusing as lyrics often switch between grammatical forms in the same song, though I did pick up some words listening. And of course this website is useful too! 🙂