Korean Adjectives to Describe People: Character and Personality

Korean Adjectives to Describe People: Character and Personality

So here are a few words to describe personality and character in Korean. These are used very often to describe certain traits and personality of a person. For instance, 똑똑한 (smart in Korean) is commonly used and you will hear it a lot in dramas. Which one best describes you?

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똑똑한 (ddok-ddok-han) = Smart

후한 (hu-han) = Generous (with money or food)

낙천적인 (nak-cheon-jeok-in) = Optimistic

비관적인 (bi-gwan-jeok-in) = Pessimistic

무례한 (mu-rye-han) = Rude

친절한 (chin-jeol-han) = Kind

친절하지 않은 (chin-jeol-ha-ji an-eun) = Unfriendly

정직한 (jeong-jik-han) = Honest

다혈질인 (da-hyeol-jil-in) = Hot tempered

이기적인 (i-gi-jeok-in) = Selfish

성실한 (seong-shil-han) = Hardoworking

게으른 (ge-eu-reun) = Lazy

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