It’s Hangeul Day! Our 10 Most Popular Korean Language Graphics

So if you didn’t know, October 9th is Hangeul Day in Korea. It was made into a holiday in recent years and people rejoiced because it meant another free day to rest.

Luckily for everyone this year, the holiday falls on a Friday which means a 3 day weekend. In honor of this holiday, I decided to put together a post showing our most popular infographics on Korean. Enjoy!

10. Love & Dating Terms

Korean Love Terms Romanization

Some common terms you should know when talking about love and dating. You will hear a lot of these while watching dramas (if that’s your thing) and songs.

9. Weather Vocabulary

Korean Vocab Weather

Who doesn’t talk about the weather? These can be very helpful for casual conversation and making general chit chat. Most are pretty simple and easy to remember.

8. Subway Vocabulary


Want to know some vocab for the subway in Korea? Here are 19 words to help you out.

7. Korean Slang

Korean Slang Pt.2

Here are some slang words to help you sound cooler to your friends.

6. Emotions and Feelings (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2)

Emotions in Korean

Emotions in Korean Infographic

Learn how to express yourself with these vocabulary words. There are two parts to this series.

5. Opposites in Korean

Opposites in Korean

Here are some common opposites in Korean. These are easy and good to know if you’re just starting to learn.

4. Korean Numbers

Korean numbers infographic

Keep forgetting numbers in Korean? Check out this graphic to help you out. We cover the basics and add a little bit of extra info.

3. Korean Sounds (Onomatopoeia)

Korean Onomatopoeia

Korean has a lot of sounds for pretty much everything. Check out some of them in this graphic.

2. Family Vocabulary

family vocabulary, korean

There are A LOT of words for addressing certain family members so we map them out in this family chart.

1. Korean Emoticons

Korean Emoticons

This is still by far our most popular post ever. These are easy to use and remember.

Hopefully these help you guys out. To my peeps in Korea, enjoy the long weekend!

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