Learn Korean: Languages in Korean Pt.2

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Languages in Korean

Here is Part 2 of our language learning series. If you want to study even more and improve your Korean, check out our ebooks over at the Dom & Hyo Store.

Vocabulary in this graphic:

폴란드어 (pol-lan-deu-eo) = Polish

태국어 (tae-guk-eo) = Thai

베트남어 (be-teu-nam-eo) = Vietnamese

터키어 (teo-ki-eo) = Turkish

스웨덴어 (seu-we-den-eo) = Swedish

라틴어 (la-tin-eo) = Latin

헤브라이어 (he-beu-la-i-eo) = Hebrew

그리스어 (geu-li-seu-eo) = Greek

핀란드어 (pin-lan-deu-eo) = Finnish

네덜란드어 (ne-deol-lan-deu-eo) = Dutch

덴마크어 (den-ma-keu-eo) = Danish

아프리칸스어 (a-peu-li-kan-seu-eo) Afrikaans

Also remember that romanization is only a tool. Try not to depend on it too much. Learning the Hangul alphabet is the key to success!

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