Contest Giveaway Time!

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So we recently just passed 10,000 fans on Facebook and wanna celebrate by having another contest giveaway for you guys. This contest is very simple. There are two steps:


1.Comment below by filling in this question:

“For my next vacation, I want to go to ___________.” If you want to add why, that’s cool too but you don’t have to.

2. Head over to the Line Webtoon Challenge League and rate our webtoon if you haven’t already. This is actually optional as we can’t check anyways. We just wanna take this chance to ask for your support in helping Dom become a featured artist on Line Webtoons 🙂

That’s it! We will choose only two winners this time at random, and those two winners will be able to choose one product from our store they want, and we will send you that product at no charge. You will also get two sheets of stickers.

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday.

Good luck everyone 🙂

Remember that romanization is only a tool! Try not to depend on it too much and try learning the Korean alphabet and how to pronounce the letters properly to have an easier time learning Korean.

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    1. Gracjan Kołodziej

      For my next vacation, I want to go to South Korea, because I met the girl that I really want to see and enjoy time with her.

      Thank you for doing giveaway, I love your blog!

    2. 아미 사비나 BTS

      For my next vacation, I want to go to the United States with my family. A tour by RV through the States is our dream vacation 🙂

    3. JennySamuelsonTörner

      For my next vacation, I want to go to South Korea ( actually will, it is all booked) with my family because it is the country my children are from and we want them to have a continuous relationship with their cultural roots. And eat korean food! 🙂

    4. K. Crissinger

      I have a feeling lots are going to say South Korea in this. But hey! I want to go there too. Except it will be my next, next vacation. I am hoping to take my kids and significant other with my mother in law and accmpany her back on her annual trip and see where my Oppa grew up.

      For my realistic next vacation, I want to be lazy and get things done around the house and enjoy the beautiful fall sights of my New England home. 🙂

    5. Cammilla Jensen

      For my next vacation I really want to go to seoul and practice my speaking skills! ^^

    6. ihatesummer

      mmm for my next vacation, I want to go to Peru because it’s a dream of mine to see macchu picchu… And not forgetting Korea, no matter how many times I’ve been there, I always miss it when I leave!

    7. For my next vacation, I want to go to Korea :3 I really want to give it a visite this summer and try korean food 😀 ! and also see how it looks with my own eyes :3

    8. For my next vacation, I want to go to South Korea~ especially to Busan, because i really want to see their beautiful beach, and to mokpo-do too because Super Junior Donghae is from there, and i am his Fans ^^

    9. Michael Sproule

      Although South Korea would be nice, my favorite place to go on vacation is northern Michigan (USA).

    10. For my next vacation, I want to go to Alaska!! It was never on my list of places to visit but I always see such beautiful scenery pictures. I want to enjoy the beatiful nature that Alaska has to offer. Although I am not a fan of cold weather. Haha

    11. Patryck B-Berger

      For my next vacation, I want to go to Europe.

      Sorry for breaking the mold, but Korea is 3rd on my current list… *priorities!* 😉

    12. Daria Sulikowska

      For my next vacation, I want to go to the place I grew up. It is a small town famous for orchards. I moved out from there to the capital city when I was 11 and I really missed it for the next couple of years. On the other hand I don’t really want to go there. 12 years have passed and I know that it is no longer the town from my memories.

    13. Carrie Ang

      For my next vacation, I want to go to the place my man grew up in (Punjab).

    14. Melissa Sheffield

      I actually am going to South Korea this coming June. My best friend and I are pl
      anning on spending two weeks there. We are so excited.

    15. Roxana Gabriel

      For my next vacation I want to go to the beach, i don’t have a specific one in mind. I just want to see the sea ^^

    16. 째즈 스타

      Woops! I commented on the fb thead. Answering here too:
      I want travel to Phuket or Koh Pangahn Thailand in December after getting married to the love of my life. Its where we will spend our honeymoon. (*´▽`*)

    17. Rosz Adams

      For my next vacation, I want to go to Seoul! I went there last time during Fall. I want to go again for Winter, Spring, Summer and again and again. Because I left my heart and soul there. I love that place very much!!!!

    18. Patrick07

      For my next vacation, I want to go to an Asian and Europe Tour and go to England, Italy, France, Russia, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, is going to be a one month tour, the reason for doing it all at the samen time, is because i’ve always want to visit those places but have not family nor friends theres so i going to spend 2-4 on each counry and look at important places nd enjoy the trip 😀

    19. For my next vacation, I want to go back to South Korea. I loved my time and would love to visit my friends.

    20. AralePooh

      For my next trip, I want to visit Jeju Island. I have seen from dramas all the beautiful scenaries and I want to be there. Also wanted to try the black pork belly BBQ.

    21. orchidgirl11

      For my next vacation, I want to go across the Pacific Ocean and travel to Asian countries to S.Korea, Japan and Singapore. I want to taste all the good food from different countries.

    22. For my next vacation, I want to go to either Jeju or Itay or the beach … all depends on time and money.

    23. For my next vacation, I want to go to Balaton. It is a Hungarian lake and I want to go there with my friends to make good memory.

    24. Joanna Mahealani Peters

      For my next vacation I want to go to Taiwan so that I can actually be with my friend on his birthday instead of in California.

    25. Megan Trout

      For my next vacation, I want to go to Europe and then through to Asia! I want to take a month and just travel around seeing all the good sites and eating all the good food!

    26. Kaylee Oddes

      For my next holiday I’d love to travel to Korea with my boyfriend! He is originally from there and this would be our first trip together! Also, the Korean make up is AMAZING and I definitely need to stock up! Not to mention the food…

    27. Stephanie Bakker

      For my next vacation, I want to go to Italy. My mom’s side is from Italy and I would love to see where my family comes from and we think we still have family there, that we have not met yet.

    28. “For my next vacation, I want to go to back to Jeju Island, I was there last year for few days, and there’s so much to do, see and eat…few days are not enough!!

    29. Sarah Rozier

      For my next vacation, I want to go to Disney (Florida). Because my kids have been wishing to go. (Already rated on Line)

    30. Siti Mariam

      For my next vacation, I really want to.go to Lombok, Indonesia.. I want to go there with my friends, we had plan to go there next year,but somehow the plan doesn’t go well. Hopefully I get to go for a vacation with them anywhere.. just want to spend some quality time with them.

    31. Veronica

      For my next vacation, I want to go to Malaysia! I live in South Korea^^ I chose Malaysia cause my boyfriend has relatives there and it’s his turn to pick our vaca spot. ㅋㅋㅋ In addition, I’ve only heard great things about the food and I am keen to do some hiking there as well. (Balance all of over eating out!)

    32. Anne Mee Kalvig

      For my next vacation I want to go to South Korea – it’s probably an obvious answer but still it’s true ^^

    33. For my next vacation, I want to go to S.Korea.
      I Want to be a food hunters^^. Especially street food😄

    34. For my next vacation, I want to go to South Korea. As a lot of people here haha so it is not surprise. xD Especially I would love to visit Jeju Island, it seems to be really beautiful place!

    35. Mimmie K.

      For my next vacation, I want to go and explore the country I currently live in which is the Philippines. I think that a lot of people want to explore other countries so much that they forget there’s also much great sights to see within their own country. Next vacation my goal is to experience what many great things my country has to offer before exploring somewhere else.

    36. For my next vacation, I want to go to Muindo. Just saw it on Running Man episode today. 🙂

    37. Philip Todd

      “For my next vacation, I want to go to Busan, because last time I didn’t see the beach!!

    38. Amanda Melita Pan

      For my next vacation, I would like to go to Hong Kong! My husband is Chinese and we have been to China many times, but I would love to visit Hong Kong and see the differences in culture from Mainland China and Hong Kong! I would also love to see how much more outside influence has effected HK! 😊😊😊

      I hope you guys are doing well! You are terribly cute and I love all your comics/toons! I’d love to win some of your products! They are adorable! ♡

    39. For my next vacation, I want to go to Japan. I’ve always wanted to go and maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to go with my family. I’ve always loved the culture and have wanted to go there for years!

      I love your blog; all the comics are really well done and easy to read. The infographics are some of my favorites of all time & I’m following you on LINE.

    40. Hannah Reyno

      For my next vacation, I want to go to Bolivia!

    41. Aimee Lee

      Well I’m already going to Washington DC next week and then two weeks later headed to Japan and then to South Korea. So I already have my “next” couple vacations planned. But after that, I want to go to Florida to meet my boyfriend’s family.

    42. Jing Zhe Chua

      For my next vacation, I want to go to Japan because I am so much interested in the history and culture of Japan.

    43. crabaino

      For my next vacation, I want to visit Seoul, not as a tourist but as a fangirl!! I want to experience music live performances and also, there are a lot of music festivals in Korea.

    44. For my next vacation, i want to go to South Korea to put all the Korean I’ve learnt into practice. Can’t wait to eat jjajjangmyun and gyeranbang (which I will order in Korean)!!!

    45. Sukriyah193

      For my next vacation ,I want to go to south korea (seoul),because I am so much love interested in the history and culture south korea
      I love korea so much!!!!
      I want go there…
      Miss there..
      Korea is my dream ..

      Thanks contest giveaway time ( Dom & Hyo )

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