Learn Korean: Sports Vocabulary in Korean

Sports Vocabulary in Korean

Are any of you good at sports? Or do you enjoy a certain sport recreationally? Here are some common sports vocabulary in Korean you will likely come across. If you want to study even more and improve your Korean, check out our ebooks over at the Dom & Hyo Store.

Vocabulary in this graphic:

양궁 (yang-gung) = Archery

배드민턴 (bae-deu-min-teon) = Badminton

야구 (ya-gu) = Baseball

농구 (nong-gu) = Basketball

볼링 (bol-ling) = Bowling

복싱/권투 (bok-sing/gweon-tu) = Boxing

미식축구 (mi-shik-chuk-gu) = American Football

골프 (gol-peu) = Golf

하키 (ha-ki) = Hockey

스키 (seu-ki) = Skiing

축구 (chuk-gu) = Football/Soccer

수영 (su-yeong) = Swmming

탁구 (tak-gu) = Table tennis

테니스 (te-ni-seu) = Tennis

배구 (bae-gu) = Volleyball

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  • mary

    So mi-shik somehow refers to US? Because mi-shik chuk-ku is American Footbal and chuk-ku is football? 🙂 I love it when languages do that.

    It’s like when I found out that fish = mulgogi. Easy to remember!

    • Dominic ‘Dom’ Dinkins

      Yup! Korean does that quite frequently with a lot of words which is awesome for remembering.

    • Ryan

      In this context, “Mi” means America, like in Miguk. “Shik” means “way/method.” So in total it means “America-way football.” Note that these words don’t always have the same meaning; for example, “shik” can also mean food.

      • mary

        Ah, I thought eumshik (or something sounding similar) means food. I should be careful when drawing conclusions.


        • Ryan

          “Eumshik” means food, too 🙂

          A lot of Korean words are actually derived from Chinese characters, so two word parts that are written the same in Korean can actually have completely different meanings.

          Eum-shik/음식 = 飮食 (Eat-Food)
          Mi-shik/미식 = 美式 (America-Way)

          So in the first word, shik means food (eumshik means food too), and in the second word, shik means way.

          The point is that although you can often guess the meaning of new words by their constituent parts, just be careful that same sound doesn’t always equal same meaning.

    • Mavis Waldron
  • Patrick07

    hi there, can you do one about countries and animals?