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Strangest Foods in Korea

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Of these, I’ve only tried 순대 and 청국장. Hyo loves 번데기 from time to time. I don’t think I will ever get around to trying the rest except for maybe the live octopus. Which ones have you tried?

6 thoughts on “Korean Food: 6 Strange Foods to Eat in Korea

  1. mary says:

    I eat 1&4 normally here in PH. #2 Beon-de-gi, I saw last week at the Korean mini-mart and thought I was reading it wrong, but no. It’s really silkworm O___O.

      • Ron Stevenson says:

        Saeng or “live” means that it’s fresh and still wriggling. Delicious!

        • Heangjin Park says:

          Referring to food, saeng means “fresh” but not “live”: for example, saeng gogi means fresh, unfrozen, and yet uncooked meat, not live one.

          • Ron Stevenson says:

            Yes, it does, Heangjin, as in saeng maekju.

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