Episode #83: Personal Questions

Episode 83 Personal Questions

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  • Patrick07

    hahahahaha … hilarius …. lol

  • YunGhangmin

    Hi I am one of your student!
    I like your cartoons thanks

  • Deanna

    Hahaha! That’s funny! XD Unfortunately, the age conversation always pops up even here in Florida. Everyone thinks I’m 13 though I’m nearly twice that age…

  • http://Koreainmykitchen.com/ Leslie – koreainmykitchen.com

    Haha! Love that… it’s amazing how quickly we can assimilate!!

  • 나나

    Hahahaha, I can relate to that very well. Two years there and now sometimes I ask my friends which university their boyfriends graduated from… -_-U What happened to me???