Infographic: 8 Facts You May or May Not Have Known About the Korean DMZ

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Korean DMZ Infographic

Lots of people hear about the Korean DMZ, but don’t know many facts (or which Korea is which). Here are 8 Korean DMZ facts to get you a little better familiarized with this area that is well known among Koreans and expats who live in South Korea.

Remember that romanization is only a tool! Try not to depend on it too much and try learning the Korean alphabet and how to pronounce the letters properly to have an easier time learning Korean.

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    1. Good as always 🙂

    2. Marinho Guimarães

      In my trip to korean (i’m planning it to 2016) I want to visit the DMZ. Not only the Joint Security Area, but walk from west to east, taking a look in this interesting environment.

    3. K. Crissinger

      Very interesting information! My fiance’s family lives close to the DMZ. It is amusing about the jeans. One thing though, sure you were just typing fast, but should it be red crowned crane? Thanks for the infographics! I am loving learning more about Korea through them.

    4. Patrick07

      Keep Going 😀

    5. Alistair Troublesome

      I watched on youtube the vlog of this guy who visited NKorea. He went with a group of tourists, of course, and the trip included a visit to the DMZ. e said he had visited DMZ from the south as well, previously and he really wanted to see it from the North as well. He said that compared to the South trip ,the North one was boring, lol. In the south were advised against weird behavior, gestures, and such because the NK soldiers would shoot them. In the North, nobody told them anything of the like, and everything looked like a Sunday stroll in the park, lol. He did film during his trips, even though in some areas he wasn’t supposed to.
      Thanks for the info-graphic, i didn’t know all this 😀

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