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So it’s been awhile since we’ve had a contest so we though it would be a good time to have one to start the new year.

You may not have known, but we have been working on putting all graphics from 2013- most of 2014 into one ebook and also providing example sentences for many of the vocab infographics.

We have been touching it up and making corrections and will launch it this week. There are a total of 39 graphics and adding in examples of using the vocabulary, it is 84 pages long. Really convenient for those of you who use tablets and kindles often (also smartphones) First though!

We would like to give away 3 copies to some of our fans in a contest. Winners will also get a high res jpeg of Part 1 of our Emotions and Feelings Infographic. You can use the high res image to print the image at high quality for a poster, postcard, etc.ย All you have to do to win is leave a comment below. This will be a short contest, and will end on Wednesday evening and winners (chosen at random), along with the launch of the ebook will be announced that same evening or Thursday. Good luck!

93 thoughts on “Contest Time! Dom & Hyo Ebook Volume 1

  1. AralePooh says:

    Please pick me. Your graphic is always fun. I love you!

  2. monmon3 says:

    I love your infographics! I hope I win!

  3. Tuwana Vining says:

    Good luck everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sarah Z says:

    Oooooh… I’d love to win this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. ahmad zaki says:

    Hi Dom & Hyo.. ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry for my bad english before. My name is Ahmad Zaki, I’m your fans from Indonesia. acctually i know your page just recently. i found your page from dramafever page, bcause they post about your graphich. And I really find it really helpful to improve my Korean language for everyday uses. and i really want to say THANK YOU Very much for your hardwork for us. and i hope i can get the give…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • EllenM says:

      As a beginner in learning the Korean language I just absolutely love your blog and especially the posters!

  6. Ucrit Nuzry says:

    I really love it ! All of it …. great pic and great explanation !

  7. windyloo520 says:

    hoping i’m one of the lucky girl to get one copy from you. self learning wont be easier without your hard work. thanks so much

  8. Peggy says:

    Dom & Hyo, thank you for creating so many attractive webtoons for us to learn about Korean languages as well as Korean culture! I really appreciate your efforts and I think these graphics create a mean to attract Hong Kong people learn about the trend as well as tradition of Korea.

  9. JennySamuelsonTรถrner says:

    Yes, please! It’s even my birthday today…

  10. WARMI says:

    I love your infographics!! They are original, pretty & very helpful for Korean language students like me…. Thanks for your hard work and thanks in advance if I am one of the fortunates ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Ada says:

    Dom & Hyo, it’s great to be able to learn Korean online and in a fun and creative way. Your infographics and comics have made my learning experience much more enjoyable! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

  12. Alice ^^ says:

    Hi Dom & Hyo, i really love your graphics! They are cute and helpful! i wish you all the success with the new ebook! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Crystal Stream says:

    Dom & Hyo,
    Your infographics help me improve my Korean vocabularies so much. I also learn a lot of Korea culture through your site. This site is very brilliant so I introduce this to my friends who are interested in Korea !

    Last but not least, Congratulations for launching your ebook !!!! *(^o^)/*

  14. Valerie (๋ฐœ๋ ˆ๋ฆฌ) says:

    Omg! This is really nice of you guys

  15. Cindy Vianey Delgado Rodriguez says:

    I’d truely be lucky to win this contest. So far have only one book about learning korean. Hopefuly i can learn more with this book!

  16. Denise DeWe Wetzel says:

    I’d love this. You teach me something new all the time!

  17. lalahuang says:

    Hi Dom&Hyo!! Just wanna say I loveee your infographics! Im learning korean now and they’ve been quite useful! My fav are the homonyms ones! ์ˆ˜๊ณ ํ•˜์„ธ์š”!! ^_^ Hope Im lucky enough to win the ebook!!!

  18. Carly says:

    Hi Dom&Hyo! Your colorful infographics has made learning Korean so much more enjoyable! Thank you for all of your hard work! This e-book sounds awesome!

  19. dnogitsune says:

    I love your infographics. They are so adorable. They will help when I get back to Korea and start learning the language again.

  20. Vicky says:

    I wish i had found out about this site earlier ^^ i find it really helps, so thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ (It’s useful to screenshot your infographics and set as a background on my phone until I know the words!)

  21. Jessica Becerra Formoso says:

    Thank you so much for your effort!! Love your infographics, they are very helpful to expand our vocabulary. Looking forward to that ebook

  22. Hannah Niebaum says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! As an English teacher in South Korea I’m very busy so your easy infographics keep my studies going! ๊ฐ์‚ฌํ•ฉ๋‹ˆ๋‹ค~~!!!

  23. Dbyeol says:

    As a Korean language student I found all your infographics pretty cute and fun and, the most important, they are really useful! Keep it going! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Annie says:

    You guys are awesome!!! I love your website. Your inforgraphics are helpful and super adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Michael Song says:

    Like the infographics and would like to Win a free EBook! Thx!

  26. Rob Oakley says:

    ๋„ˆ๋ฌด๋„ˆ๋ฌด์ข‹์•„์š”! ๋ฉ‹์ง„์€ ๊ทธ๋ฆผ! ebook์„ ์ฃผ์„ธ์š”!

  27. yenshu01 says:

    I’m learning a lot from your website (since I’m very interested in learning Korean culture, music and language) ๐Ÿ˜€
    I hope I can win the free EBook <3

  28. dewaanifordrama says:

    I would love one! Even if I don’t win one. I often use your numbers infographic when I am standing in the bank line waiting to hear my number. It helps me as a beginner Korean learner.

  29. Jd Crouch says:

    I would love one of these! Ever since stumbling upon this blog, as an expat dating a Korean in Korea, Dom and Hyo’s experiences have helped a lot, and provided a lot of laughs along the way.

  30. Philip Todd says:

    Wow ๊ฐ์‚ฌํ•ฉ๋‹ˆ๋‹ค from London :-). I have lots of your infographic’s dotted around my house to help me study , so now I’m excited about the e book. Take care x

  31. Alexandra Yeom says:

    ์ฑ…์œผ๋กœ ํ•œ๊ตญ์–ด๋ฅผ ์•„์ฃผ ์žฌ๋ฏธ์žˆ๊ฒŒ ๋ฐฐ์šธ ์ˆ˜ ์žˆ์–ด์š” ^^
    ์ƒˆํ•ด๋ณต ๋งŽ์ด ๋ฐ›์œผ์„ธ์š” Dom and Hyo ^^

  32. Angela Arevalo Hernandez says:

    Dom & Hyo. Felicitaciones por el resultado de su arduo trabajo. I really want to win one of course, because I expect to improve my poor korean thanks to your hard work. .์น ๋ ˆ์—์„œ ์ธ์‚ฌ๋ง!

  33. Kathy Farrell says:

    Sounds great and I think it would helpme learn more Korean!!

  34. Eikha Z says:

    I would loveeeee one please please please pretty please with cherry and sprinkles on top! I would love to improve my Korean and be able to speak to my husband in the language, and not forgetting the ahjummas I meet at the market. It will help me improve my social life as an expat.

  35. K. Crissinger says:

    This is great! I have just recently stumbled across your work but already have learned a lot. My fiance and his family speak Korean only in their home so I am learning on the side so I can surprise them and be able to participate. Once I am able to speak more fluently I have tons more family to meet in Korea!

  36. XiaoVee says:

    Would love to win it ^^
    I love Korean!

  37. Xavier Marce says:

    Love it! Thanks for the great job… Always helpful for my own Korean vocabulary revision or to learn something new! Keep it up ^^

  38. Hana Fedora Husada says:

    I like your illustrations and it really helps me memorize Korean vocabularies. And now it will comes as ebook… hooray ^^

  39. Ocรฉane Moysan says:

    I want this wonderful book ! Please ~~
    Fighting with your work!!

  40. Stephanie Morgan says:

    Thank you for your hard work! Every little bit helps!

  41. Gabby says:

    So excited for the ebook !!!! This makes memorizing Korean easier and fun ^^

  42. Afifah de Puti says:

    Would feel so lucky to have your ebook

  43. Sayaka Hime says:

    Your work is great! Really love the infografics! I want win to complement my korean lessons! Go, go ~

  44. Sharon R says:

    I love showing your website to my friends who are helping me learn Korean! Your infographics make it easier to remember new vocabulary words. Congratulations on the ebook!

  45. Mandy says:

    Hi Dom & Hyo!!! Thank you for the hardwork and effort!!! Really appreciate the simple illustrations & graphics!!! It really makes learning korean easier.

  46. Amy R says:

    Hi Dom & Hyo! Love your work and I look forward to each lesson. Thank you!!!

  47. Isabella B. says:

    Dom & Hyo ํ•ญ์ƒ ์งฑ์ด์—์š”~

  48. Karen Kimball Hallowell says:

    I want one!!! We are learning Korean with our son whom we adopted from Korea!!! He loves the cartoons!

  49. Geraldine Oh says:

    ๊ทธ ์ฑ…์„ ๋ฐ›๋Š”๋‹ค๋ฉด ๊ธฐ์  ๊ฑฐ์˜ˆ์š”! ^^ i enjoy your posts on all the infographics and think it’s a good way of help me in learn korean! hoping to be one of the lucky ones to receive the giveaway! ์ฑ…์„ ์ฃผ์„ธ์š”!

  50. aresss says:

    Hi Dom & Hyo ….. Congratulations for launching your ebook ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    I just wanna say, your infographics i so so so so amazing. It’s so beautiful, anti mainstream and also very very useful. I also like to share your infographics to my friends, and they really liked it <3
    Keep it doing !!! I'll always support you <3
    I hope that i become one of the winner i
    Thank you for your creative infographics

  51. Alexandra says:

    Dom & Hyo ์ตœ๊ณ  ใ…‹ใ…‹

  52. Noรฉmie. says:

    Hi Dom & Hyo ! I found your page by the way of my Korean husband who sharing your work !
    Your website is amazing and this make me progress for Korean language and speaking to my Korean boyfriend !
    Good luck, love from France !
    PS : sorry for my bad English

  53. Anna Lee says:

    Thank you for the contest! Love the work!!

  54. Marรญa Lessing says:

    Thank you for your posts, they’re very helpful

  55. Khrystian Rice says:

    Saaaweeeeeeeeeeet!~ It’s cool to have seen you guys come this far! Good luck with the launch!

  56. Mary Anne B says:

    I hope I win one …์•„ํ™‰ ์•„ํ™‰ ์•„ํ™‰

  57. George Zhukov says:

    Hello Dom&Hyo,
    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your amazing infographics which you upload regularly! It’s so unique! Keep doing them!
    Be happy in 2015!
    ์•ž์œผ๋กœ ์ž˜ ์ง€๋‚ด์š”~

  58. Alina Markgraf says:

    It would be really great if I get that^^ Iยดm happy you make a giveaway <3

  59. Odette C. says:

    ์•ˆ๋…•ํ•˜์„ธ์š”! I’d like to enter the contest!

  60. Crystal Ordorica says:

    Your post are always extremely helpful! Thank you for all the lessons!

  61. June says:

    Thank you very much for all of your precious atrwork! It’s very useful & i love them allโ™ก

  62. Esther Keeler says:

    This would be fantastic! I am planning to join my boyfriend in Korea later this year and knowing more of the language would be so helpful! Especially since his parents don’t speak English. Also would be helpful for my mum and sisters who are also learning Korean! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Nadia Arnold says:

    I love the Dom & Hyo info graphic and mini comics/stories. They’re really helpful and make learning Korean a little easier. Thanks for all your hard work and effort guys! Looking forward to future learning with both. ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. Nadia Arnold says:

    Love your infographics and all the effort you guys put in to helping others learn and love the language! Keep up the good work!

  65. Kate Woodson says:

    This is such a great idea! Now it’s a little easier to tell my mother in law exactly how she makes me feel whether she wants to know or not lol. Thanks for making learning fun and easy. Keep up the good work^^

  66. Lenni says:

    Omg I would love a copy! They are so cute and extremely helpful. And it would make my friends totally jealous if I have it

  67. janettie says:

    I love the Dom and Hyo infographics! They’re incredibly usefully and I love learning from them! Keep up the hard work and dedication! Everyone loves them!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  68. Tressa says:

    Enter me please!! I really love your website (((o(*>ฯ‰<*)o)))

  69. Banan Stone says:

    Free ebook with cool graphics? Yes please!

  70. Shafira Indah Meutia says:

    Daebak! Me absolutely waannaaaaaa.. Congratulation for ut hard work. Dom and Hyo jjang! ^^

  71. Klara Bella Kim says:

    Such a easy and funny way to learn Korean! Keep up the good work!

  72. Fjolla says:

    I just arrived to Korea a few momonths ago and your graphics and stories are the best way for me to keep all the new words and things in mind. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  73. Helene Dowdle says:

    ์ข‹์•„์š” ๋” ๊ทธ๋ฆฌ๊ณ  ํšจ์”จ.. .ํ•œ๊ตญ์–ด๋Š” ์—ด์‹ฌํžˆ ๊ณต๋ถ€ํ•ฉ์‹œ๋‹ค! !
    ํ—ฌ๋ Œ

  74. Kendra says:

    I’ve only recently found this site but absolutely adore it. The infographics and cartoons you make to go along with your posts are fantastic; I would love to have one of my own.

  75. Jess Elliott says:

    That’s awesome! I started reading your work because Mr. Gwon always shares it. Our whole family is studying Korean together. My favorite so far has been your “feelings” lists. Thank you!

  76. Laurel Ruybal says:

    Hi!! For a year now I have been following you and learned a lot. I find myself using Korean now in thought and word. Actually met a Korean speaking man going to the SEA airport and practiced. Ended up using the smartphone but your graphics popped in my head and I could remember. THANK YOU for all the time and energy you put into this site!!!

  77. Dan Alexis says:

    Just started learning Korean… and I’m very much looking forward to have this ebook! Please ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Shelly Zamora says:

    I’d love one. I’m trying to find more time to learn Korean! Thank you!

  79. ChocoPandaa says:

    I got to know this blog from Mykoreanhusband blog in the late 2014 and I’m glad I checked it out! The comics are funny and the infographics are really useful, I even saved some of them in my phone in case I forget some words and also because I say some of them to my korean friend haha ^^ She thinks I memorized it all and keeps saying “๋˜‘๋˜‘ํ•ด” but in reality…..eheheh (I do tell her that it’s not true though but she doesn’t believe it and says it anyway) xD

  80. Lexiee Oh says:

    Oh is pretty coool! i want to participate!, im learning Korean so its helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. yang janice says:

    This is so exciting! I was wondering when a book would come out, so glad to hear it’s coming!!!!!!!

  82. w says:

    I’m very happy when I discovered dom and hyo. I love the bite sized information tgt with the lovely graphics.make learning Korean everyday easy and enjoyable

  83. Slee says:

    Would love to win! I learn so much from your posts thank you!

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