Korean numbers, basics

Learn the Basics of Korean Numbers with this Handy Infographic

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Numbers in Korean


Korean numbers can seem very difficult at first, but once you get the basics of how they work, it’s pretty easy….although I still have trouble with the native Korean numbers. These are just the basics, but the Sino numbers do go past 1000 of course. Too many zeros to fit in the graphic though!

Also remember that romanization is only a tool. Try not to depend on it too much. Learning the Hangul alphabet is the key to success!


  1. Deanna Thompson

    thanks for posting, this makes it soo much easier to understand. Now its time to practice!

  2. 송이 is not for months/years. Check that.

  3. It’s very helpful. I really appreciate what you do. 😀

  4. As always, love your graphics!

    I was thinking about tilde ~ Could you create a funny cartoon about how Koreans use ~ ? As an American, I rarely saw ~ until I started conversing with Koreans, who use it all the time. It is sort of the Korean equivalent of a heart over the letter i. So cute~ Then the Koreans will use more than one of them to be really cute 안녕~~~ Then their English speaking friends pick up the ~ habit and start adding them to English words …

    I am surrounded by tildes now, and I blame Korea!

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins

      Thanks! That’s a very good idea. It’s something that people learning the language always ask about as they see it all the time with their Korean friends. I’ll add it to the list!

  5. Quinton Simmons

    Thanks for this. Just started learning about counters so this really helps.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins

      It’s really fun seeing just how many counters there are. I’m glad they don’t use all of them or it would get even more confusing.

  6. I blew my wife’s mind a while back because I told her that did she ever notice how with phone numbers zeros are the native version 공 but the other digits are said as the sino version.

  7. 대애애애애박! this is so great!!! thank you for making it, definitely bookmarked^^ i love the sound of the one for animals (마리) …there are tooooo many counters. when i was learning the basics they really turned me off of the language but now i appreciate how precise they are… the phone numbers throw me off too because of the markers for area code and stuff. anyway this is amazing as always, i’m so glad i decided to visit the site tonight :3

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins

      Thanks again for the idea! This one was really fun to make and I might do a second part just on counters and/or phone numbers. There is a lot to cover just on numbers 🙂

  8. Patrick07

    wow … thanks so much, up till now i just new hana, dool, set, nw i kno till seo-reun

  9. For taekwondo we also use sino for the form
    yellow= eel
    high yellow= ee
    blue= sam
    and so on but when we count for class we use native. I never knew why, so thanks for this haha

  10. Patrick07

    good one, today i’ve an exam about numbers, prepositions and others basic korean knowledge, and i feel very thankful to your site and others one, beacuse thanks to all of you and your big effort it’s way easier to me learn new vocabulary and the basic about korean language.

    Thanks so Much 😀

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