Know Your Subway Vocab in Korean

For those of you living in Korea, this might prove useful while out and about. Especially the words for arrival, departure, exit and entrance. The underground walkways can get confusing for some first-timers using the system, but if you know the words for exit and entrance, you can get around easier.


a. 손잡이 = handle

b. 표 = ticket

c. 금연 = no smoking zone

d. 단말기 = terminal

e. 역 = station

f. 종점 = last stop

g. 비상구 = emergency exit

h. 도착 = arrival

i. 선반 = shelf

j. 계단 = stairs

k. 호선 = line

l. 승강장 = platform

m. 출발 = departure

n. 열차 = train

o. 역무원 = station worker

p. 환승 = transfer

q. 급행열차 = express train

r. 출구 = exit

s. 입구 = entrance

Example sentences:

a. 오른쪽 손잡이 잡으세요. [o-reun-jjok son-ja-bi ja-beu-se-yo.] (Hold on to the right handle.)

b. 주세요. [pyo ju-se-yo.] (Give me the tickets.)

c. 여기는 금연 구역입니다. [yeo-gi-neun geum-yeon gu-yeo-gim-ni-da.] (Smoking is banned here.)

d. 단말기 왼쪽에 있어요. [dan-mal-gi oen-jjo-ge i-seo-yo.] (The terminal is on the left.)

e. 서울 지났어요. [seo-u-ryeok ji-na-seo-yo.] (We passed Seoul Station.)

f. 종점에 거의 다 왔어요. [jong-jeom-e geo-ui da wa-seo-yo.] (We are almost at the last stop.)

g. 비상구는 이쪽이에요. [bi-sang-gu-neun i-jjo-gi-e-yo.] (Don’t use the emergency doors.)

h. 도착하셨나요? [do-chak-a-syeon-na-yo?] (Did you arrive?)

i. 선반이 너무 높아요. [seon-ban-i neo-mu no-pa-yo.] (The self is too high.)

j. 계단이 너무 많아요. [gye-dan-i neo-mu ma-na-yo.] (There are so many stairs.)

k. 매일 4호선 타요. [mae-il sa-ho-seon ta-yo.] (I take line number 4 every day.)

l. 기차가 승강장을 떠났어요. [gi-cha-ga seung-gang-jang-eul tteo-na-seo-yo.] (The train left the platform.)

m. 곧 출발해요. [got chul-bal-hae-yo.] (I’m leaving soon.)

n. 열차가 들어옵니다. [yeol-cha-ga deu-reo-om-ni-da.] (The train is coming.)

o. 역무원에게 물어보세요. [yeong-mu-won-e-ge mu-reo-bo-se-yo.] (Ask the station worker.)

p. 어디에서 환승해요? [eo-di-e-seo hwan-seung-hae-yo?] (Where do I transfer?)

q. 급행열차가 휙 지나갔다. [geu-paeng-yeol-cha-ga hwik ji-na-gat-da.] (The express train sped by.)

r. 출구가 어디예요? [chul-gu-ga eo-di-ye-yo?] (Where’s the exit?)

s. 여기 입구 맞아요? [yeo-gi ip-gu ma-ja-yo?] (Is this the entrance?)

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