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8 thoughts on “Episode #76: Bright Underwear

  1. Phillip S says:

    LOL. You should start a facebook page so people can subscribe to your cartoons 🙂

  2. ëĶīëĶŽ says:

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i have definitely done this before; had a job at the school library and i was late for a shift on a saturday so i just threw on a dress without looking in the mirror and i was at work for like three hours before i realized you could COMPLETELY see my underwear through the skirt. nobody told me!!!! yours are cuter than mine were…. love it as always.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Lol yes it was more common than I thought it was. I usually wear black and other dark colors so I’m not used to it.

  3. Far Ah BenNai says:


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