10 Common Korean Homonyms (동음 이의어)

Korean Homonyms

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  • bcook

    배= bae = my bae?

    • Dominic ‘Dom’ Dinkins

      Lol. Gives me an idea for another graphic…kind of.

  • ARL

    Ooh! I didn’t know that 풀 meant glue. Cool!

  • Noor Ahmed

    hope more posts like that i learn fast with pics

    • Dominic ‘Dom’ Dinkins

      Think we will definitely make a part 2 for this next week!

  • arlan

    i also learned that 배 means “to bow”

  • 릴리

    love it!! you’re so productive lately! taeyang’s caught on to the “bae” / pear joke thing, he posted on instagram with his left hand forming a “0” and a pear next to it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ looking forward to part two^^ 이번 역시 돔의 그림들 너무 좋당~

    • Dominic ‘Dom’ Dinkins

      Haha yes we are doing a little more these days. I never heard about the pear joke until you told me. Part 2 is up!

  • jeanettert

    I love this one. I was so confused the other day when I was doing flashcards and flipped it and it said “eye” instead of “snow.”