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So, I usually don’t do this, and I probably should make a graphic about this later (maybe)…also, this is probably a lot of the Magkeolli I just drank with Hyo’s family coming out in anger, but this needs to be said.

There are tons of content creators on the net. We create content, many times GOOD content, and people enjoy it. We enjoy making people laugh, think, and overall giving people content to share with others because we love what we do.

It pisses me off and other creators when people do not GIVE CREDIT where it is due. Of course there will be the odd time when someone is just not internet savvy and doesn’t know proper etiquette on the net, but once again a well known site, (link here ) has shared one of our posts without giving due credit. (At the time of writing this shares on FB are 336 and on their site just a little over 2 thousand)

Seriously. It is not that hard. You seem to give credit to all the celebrities you fawn over, but you somehow “forget” to give credit back when it’s some site that you think won’t fight back or give a damn. Newsflash, we do.

When your site has millions of followers, and you decide to share something from someone else without giving credit, there is no excuse for your ignorance.

I seriously cannot fathom it. Yes I’m not ashamed to say it, we love what we do, but when we miss out on the hundreds and thousands of shares because you were either too lazy to link back or just didn’t want to for whatever reason, WE LOSE TRAFFIC. Yes we want more people to visit our site.

It’s just good etiquette. I’m simply fed up. This goes on and on with so many other sites and creators on the net and it doesn’t stop. As I said above, I can understand a random person who doesn’t know any better. But for well known and huge sites, there is literally no excuse.

I mean just imagine that you create something on your site and post it. It gets shared quite a bit, and then a very well known site shares it and the post gets shared even more.

Yet no link is given to your site, fb page, or anything to where more of your content can be found. Yay for all that hard work and someone else banking off of it and getting more shares who did nothing.

I see this happen ALL THE TIME. With writers, visual artists, musicians, etc and no one gives a damn.

I’m a pretty mellow and nice person most of the time so if this posts seems “angry” compared to other posts on the site, I’m sorry but I’m just tired of the BS.

BTW, here is a nicer version of proper etiquette from Hubspot on the net when sharing and how not to steal content from other people (Oh wow! I managed to take 10 seconds and make a link back to the site I was referring to in the previous sentence!). Like I said maybe it’s just pure ignorance, but I just need to vent.


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13 thoughts on “To All People Who Share Content on the Net. Give Credit. It’s Not That Hard.

  1. Miyo Noh says:

    Dom did you contact Dramafever? I know they credit My Korean Husband cuz Nichola mentions it being linked from her site to theirs. I’m sure they would love to set up something for you. Korea boo too. They need to know who you are and credit you. Btw, I saw you on the video of Your Are Here’s opening but didn’t see Hyo. Good luck! Your graphic charts are awesome. Really informative. Fantastic! …..Baby! 🙂

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Yea DF is not the problem because i post there and they just referenced that same post. But I just received a message from them that they will add credit to the post 🙂

      And yea i was there for the YouAreHere opening but Hyo wasn’t able to make it because of work. No vids either but hopefully we will start making some videos soon.

      Posters are in the store above, but thinking about opening our own shop and printing and shipping everything ourselves when we get the chance. Thanks for the advice and comment!

  2. Miyo Noh says:

    Also poster form of the graphics would be super! …..baby!

  3. Ahleah Yaworski says:

    Maybe you need to start watermarking your stuff? It would help a little at least.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Yeah I’ve been thinking about doing that and trying to think of other solutions as well. I know it won’t be stopped completely but still we can make it more difficult.

  4. Miyo Noh says:

    Add your website.com to the charts and graphics. Seeing your names is not enough. People are lazy and don’t want to look up your names to come here. Also try making your logo bigger. When I see these charts, I don’t know who made them unless I look carefully. Or if I come here. 🙂
    It’s all about branding. Everything you do. And marketing. That’s the reality of business.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Haha yep. I thought about that last night and was mad at myself for not putting the url on the graphics. That’s on us right there. Branding is key.

  5. Amy K says:

    Oh man, when I saw that I thought they must’ve asked you first! I feel bad that I liked and shared that post now…. As a content creator, I feel bad for encouraging their bad conduct!
    Is the source reference they put to your site at the bottom only since you posted this?
    Koreaboo is an okay site, but it has so many flaws that hold it back. Hopefully they’ll keep improving themselves and stay on top of mistakes like this that could cause them to lose favour in future.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      It’s okay and yes they put the reference there after contacting them. Still lost out on tons of traffic though. As a content creator I’m figuring out that this kind of stuff comes with the territory and there’s really no way to stop it lol.

  6. Paul says:

    Wow, I just saw this and clicked the Koreaboo link out of curiosity to see if they’d gone back and credited you yet. They have, but you have been given secondary credit, with the primary credit going to some site called ‘Dramafever’ which I can only presume to be a site sponsor link of some sort. Seriously? What the heck?

    • Patrick07 says:

      thanks to dramafever i could find this website, so i’m very thankful to them.

  7. Patrick07 says:

    I’m really annoying with what have happened to you, and twice by the time >( … I really hate when things like this happens, and honestly first they ahould ask you, as i’ve seen so many others people ask, before to post it in their site, for not just credit is enough but privius permission is required, i mean they dont know (and honestly i dont know either, i barely can inmaging it) how hard it’s to created a new content and a fantastic content by the way, and also all the time that it must take to draw everything to just take it out and put them on their sites as their own … I mean lucky us that we have all this awesome informations and graphics for free … and thanks by the way for taking your time to do this, please dont be disappointed and keep going cause each time you’re getting better at it, i really support you, and know i can’t buy anything from the store beacuse i’m jobless but when i found a job i think that i’m going bankrut, because i really like a lot of stuff from your shopstore especially the pdf ebook … so please keep working and keep moving, i learned something in the few pass week and is that talent would won over intelligence or in this case over impostors

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