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10 Korean Superstitions

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For the picture about names in red, sorry for anyone named Robert. I don’t want you to die.

20 thoughts on “10 Korean Superstitions You May or May Not Have Known About

  1. Hyewon Kim says:

    I used to turn on the fan and close all the doors in my room when my mom scold me. So I could have a cool night 😉

  2. bcook says:

    Cool! In my country they say if you whistle at night the dwarves will carry you away into the forest never to be seen again.
    Also it’s bad to sweep at night.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      Bad to sweep at night? What is the reason for that?

      • bcook says:

        Logical reason? I think it’s cause there wasn’t/isn’t much light to sweep by so you might end up sweeping away something valuable and not realise it.

  3. xCherry1304 says:

    i cant at the chicken wings part XDDD

  4. ingy hany says:

    so i was born on 4th of november in Egypt ,here it`s the love day but in Korea it`s a bad luck

    • not_apply_for_date says:

      I think only floors or Hospitals avoid #4. It is not apply to date fyi.

    • 4444 says:

      only floor. Korean peole don’t care number4 about date

  5. XiaoVee says:

    wow, nice information Dom ^^
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Thais Brenda says:

    The butterfly superstition also exist in Brazil haha I knew about some, but that one is new for me and really funny to think about it. Why do people say that? I mean, some of the superstitions make no sense but we can understand why people believe on them. But the butterfly one haha nonsense.

    • Dominic 'Dom' Dinkins says:

      I wondered that as well haha. The butterfly one has been told to me by many students actually.

    • bcook says:

      Butterflies have powdery wings sometimes no? (The ones I’ve touched did…or maybe they weren’t butterflies? What was I touching! Ok. I digress) Anyway, maybe that powdery stuff will get in your eye and cause an infection?

      • Thais Brenda says:

        This powder on the wings of butterflies are scales that form the wing and help avoid predators and also to warm. Biologist detected haha I don’t think they can cause an infection or something like that. But who knows, maybe people were afraid of that for not knowing the mining or what that powered was. Better avoide the unknow.

  7. Michael Hwang says:

    Wow, I learned that the number four represents the symbol of death.

  8. krzyart says:

    My Korean friend told me his grandmother (or perhaps aunt) said not to eat apples at night or you’ll get sick/die. He seriously would not let me eat my apple I had brought as a snack.

  9. Narihin says:

    hello ! i’m korean ! i see this picture on the internet. i want to translate this picture into korean and upload at korea site, but first i have to ask your permission. sorry for the incorrect grammar ㅠㅠ

  10. Anonymous says:

    Shoes in not Korea that is china

  11. Jane says:

    I was about to comment and ask if you want “Robert” to die if I didn’t read your last note ^^

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