Korean Gaming Words – Words to Know at the PC Bang

So hopefully this helps those of you who may have downloaded a Korean game to your smartphone or play games like League of Legends and want to play on Korean servers. I had no idea what some of the vocabulary was and it was confusing. I’ve had this happen many times and although I could understand basic Konglish, there were some tougher terms that I couldn’t understand. This graphic doesn’t cover everything, but it covers some common ones you may come across.

Hopefully, these gaming words help you out a bit. There’s lots of slang used in chat rooms during gaming sessions, so maybe we’ll do a post on that in the future as well.

Below, you will find the words above used in example sentences.

계속 공격해! (gye-sok gong-gyeok-ha) = Keep attacking!

그는 다음 주에 이사를 한다. (geu-neun da-eum ju-e i-sa-reul han-da) = He’s moving next week.

여러분, 지난 주 수요일 기억하세요? (yeo-reo-bun, ji-nan ju su-yo-il gi-eok-ha-se-yo) = Everyone, did you remember last Wednesday?

하얀 ! (ha-yan tim) = The white team!

얼른 가자 가게 문 닫기 전에. (eol-leun ga-ja ga-ge mun dat-gi jeon-e) = Let’s go before the store closes.

열기 쉬우라고. (yeol-go shi-u-ra-go) = To open it easily.

선택했어? (seon-taek hae-sseo) = Did you make your choice?

취소해 주세요. (chui-so-hae ju-se-yo) = Please cancel it.

확인했죠? (hwak-in-haet-jjyo) = You confirmed it right?

결정 했어? (gyeol-jeong hae-sseo) = Did you decide?

스스로에게 보상하기 (seu-seu-ro-e-ge bo-sang-ha-gi) = Give yourself a reward

보물 상자 있어? (bo-mul sang-ja i-sseo) = Is there a treasure box?

우린 데미지 컨트롤이 필요할 뿐이야 (u-rin de-mi-ji keon-teu-rol-i pil-yo-hal bbun-i-ya) = We just need some damage control.

‘양날의 ‘ (yang-nal-ui geom) = A double edged sword

버려. (kal beo-ryeo) = Get rid of the knife.

이 도구는 뭐하는 거지? (i do-gu-neun mweo-ha-neun geo-ji) = What is this tool used for?

그는 옷위에 갑옷을 입고 있었다. (geu-neun ot-wi-e gap-o-seul ib-go i-sseot-da) = He wore armor over his clothes.

이게 무기야? (i-ge mu-gi-ya) = Is this a weapon?

몇 등급 나왔어? (myeot deung-geup na-wa-sseo) = What was your rating/level?

수리했어요! (su-ri hae-sseo-yo) = I fixed it!

방어력이 없는 아이들 (bang-eo-ryeok eop-neun a-i-deul) = Defenselss children

그녀의 이름이 기억이 안 나. (geu-nyeo-ui i-reum-i gi-eok-i an na) = Her name escapes me.

체력 방전됐어. (che-ryeok bang-jeon-dwae-sseo) = I’m running out of health/energy.

정말 속도가 장난이 아닌데. (jeong-mal sok-do-ga jang-nan-i a-nin-de) = His speed is no joke.

스태미나 어떻게 봐? (seu-tae-mi-na eo-tteo-ge bwa) = How do I check my stamina?

줘봐. (him jweo-bwa) = Add some strength.

지능지수가 높다/낮다 (ji-neung-ji-su-ga nop-da/nat-da) = To have a high/low IQ

민첩성이 부족해요. (min-cheob-seong-i bu-jok-hae-yo) = He’s not that quick.

근력 운동이 중요합니다. (geun-ryeok un-dong-i jung-yo-ham-ni-da) = Weight training is important.

우리 레벨이 달라요. (u-ri le-bel-i dal-la-yo) = Our levels are different.

이게 최대야? (i-ge choi-dae-ya) = Is this the best?

피해를 최소화 시켜야죠. (pi-hae-reul choi-so-hwa si-kyeo-ya-jyo) = We need to minimize the risk.

40대. (chong sa-sip-dae) = A total of forty.

“파일 속성” 아래를 보면 보일 거예요. (pa-il sok-seong a-rae-reul bo-myeon po-il geo-ye-yo) = Look at properties under file and you’ll see it.

가격은 싸요. (ga-gyeok-eun ssa-yo) = The price is cheap.

황금 열쇠. (hwang-geum yeol-soe) = A golden key

자동 문입니다. (ja-dong mun-im-ni-da) = It’s an automatic door.

지지 = self explanatory

코인 주세요! (ko-in ju-se-yo) = Give me the coins please!

에너지 좋다! ( e-ne-ji jo-tta) = Your energy is good!





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