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So to my friend’s weddings that I have been to, don’t take offense. Your weddings were awesome, and I was sincerely happy for your awesome moment. That buffet though…

3 thoughts on “Reasons I go to Weddings in Korea

  1. Nic (MyKoreanHusband) says:

    The best buffet I have had was at a dol – the 1st birthday. Seriously the food was even better than a wedding I went to in Gangnam. It also had much more feeling to it – because there is an MC and the ritual of the child choosing something and all the families come together. The dol felt more like a wedding than Korean weddings do for me.

  2. Cassie (Yeobomg) says:

    hahahahaha this is so true. also, as Nic said, 1st birthday parties rule. the party favors have always been something useful, and the buffet is always awesome.

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