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So if you are familiar with Korean food, you will be very familiar with the way to eat meat when you are out and about and cooking it on a grill (called ssambap). Personally, I love it. The above is what I prefer on my wrap, but of course, there are many different ways to wrap it. I personally don’t like kimchi (Hyo is determined to get me to like it eventually), but many people like to put kimchi on their wraps. Some people like cooked garlic instead of raw garlic. Some people hate Ssamjang and prefer a different sauce as well.

Also, the vegetables to wrap it with can be different as well. You can use sesame leaves (my personal favorite) lettuce, and other varieties of leafy vegetables that I do not know the name of. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “My Perfect Meat Wrap

  1. λ‚˜λ‚˜ says:

    Oh yes… with 깻잎 it is the best!!!!

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