30 Simple Hanbok Styles (Women)

Hanbok Styles


So I think Hyo gave me this idea awhile back. We both thought it would be cool to put some popular hanbok styles in a graphic. Went trolling around the internet and found some styles that looked good. Which ones are your favorite? Men’s version coming soon.

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  • Tuwana Vining

    I like numbers 2, 13, 24, and 27 best. They are all beautiful hanbok styles though.

  • http://www.sauteedhappyfamily.com/ Vanessa

    Great idea for a graphic! I like 22 the best! 😀

  • Michelle Crocker

    What do you call the style for #23

  • Valerie De Roy

    I love #24, it’s my favorite!

  • 니콜

    I like #15 the most ^^

  • http://letslearnanything.net/ عبد الرحمان

    I loved that the 8th one *-* Amazing style <3