Episode #55: Hyo and “Heirs” (상속자들 드라마)



So yeah, I had no idea what this show was but Hyo loves it and it seems to be the most popular show on TV here in Korea now. She almost roped me into watching it but I’m good.

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  • Phillip S

    Swap “Heirs” for infinite challenge and that’s my house 🙁

  • nadiud

    Gag Concert is a complete torture program for me.. I don’t kniw anything about Korean humours. I keep on saying “is it that funny?”

  • Michael Hwang

    What kind of show did your girlfriend watched?? She’s being little rude, eh??

    • Patrick07

      Heirs is a Dorama with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye

  • Michael Hwang

    I think she’s watching the drama series.

  • Patrick07

    Oh My God, I love 상속자들