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So…I am not a big soju drinker. I never have been. The only time I touch the stuff is when I go out with the teachers from my school and it is usually forced my way by the principal or other teachers. I’m not fond of the stuff, but it does help keep you in good favor with the principal if you take a few shots.

Still, I’ve drank it so much to the point that I was just completely out of it. But as you may or may not already know, soju is the drink of choice for most people here in Korea. It’s cheap, and most people say it goes good with many meals.

Since this drink is a big part of Korean culture, I decided to make a fact comic about it illustrating some things that are well known, and some things that are not. Enjoy. You can buy the high quality poster print at our store.


Facts About Soju

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4 thoughts on “Some Interesting FactsYou May or May Not Have Known About Soju

  1. Jazmine says:

    i love this! and i’m a huge fan of soju >.< (my korean buddies were bad influences lol)

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