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So yea…I lost the bet. I was really trying to give her some incentive to try harder but honestly I didn’t think she would make the shot (sorry Hyo! lol). Just goes to show you to never underestimate anyone. It was actually my first time shooting since I dislocated my left ring finger over a year ago and I felt pretty good.

We had a good laugh afterward and I tried to win my money back by making a half court shot…which I failed to do. I will get my revenge!

Hyo Driblling the basketball
Hyo Driblling the basketball

3 thoughts on “Episode #36: Basketball Couple

  1. Hyo says:

    Hyo: Oh, I just checked your comment. Thank you Chanel! He didnt give me 10 dollars yet though hahaha

  2. ^_^ HR says:

    This is such a cute story^^ And lol, Hyo knows what she’s doing!

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