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I am notorious for losing things by having them fall out of my pockets. Gloves, cards, keys, etc. Really gets annoying because I really do try to keep track of my things. I was really frustrated when I lost the keys in Jeju because it was our last day and we had a lot more things we wanted to see. I didn’t want to wait an hour to 2 hours for the keys. But Hyo like the awesome lady she is, calmed me down and and just said let’s check the ferry.

Luckily they were still there and we were able to continue our trip πŸ™‚

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One thought on “Episode #32: Lost Keys

  1. Michael Hwang says:

    I agree with you, Dom. We need to be more careful next time.

    Man, I am notorious for losing things by leaving things in the public place. Carabiner USB charger for an iPhone, Cruzer Blade USB flash drive, gym clothes, a small part for tripod, car keys with key attached, a black coffee mug, and a water bottle. Really gets annoying because I really try my best to keep track of my things. I was really frustrated when I left my gym clothes on a taxi and left the small part of tripod at the small private college, because of my bad habit, I was not pay attention by keeping my eyes on those things closely. Although, I did not want to wait to get those things back. I was able to calmed myself down and used my brain to retrace my step back.

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