Episode #22: Dirty Glasses

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This happens every time we are out together. I simply don’t notice my dirty glasses or I simply don’t care. I do clean them, but only after awhile. I’m sure this looks so strange when I’m talking to people and my glasses are so dirty. But she is really good at looking out for me in this situation haha.

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  • sweetdorka

    I’m guilty of this. I have gotten used to having dirty glasses. Since it doesn’t affect my ability to see, I’m fine. Yes, I do clean them, but not often. At 24, I’m still scolded by my Aunt for having dirty glasses. 🙁

  • Karen Yoon-Kung

    Me too! I don’t clean my glasses that often either. My husband cleans it for me too.

  • Patrick07

    may be a problem that we glasses people have?