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So Hyo often likes to call me a big baby because I like to do things like this (hiding socks, shoes, hats, etc). I just find it funny to do sometimes and it just comes to me. Sometimes when she actually forgot where she put something, and I really didn’t hide it, she will still blame me until she finds it….but that’s my fault haha.

I also might hide from her and try to scare her, but I’m pretty sure she started that and I was just retaliating.

She’s a pretty good sport and likes to joke around too so it works out well. You’re never too old to have a bit of fun and act like a kid sometimes. Have some fun!

2 thoughts on “Episode #8

  1. nadiud says:

    I have one Korean friend who is very close with me (i call him oppa ^_^). He just loves to tease me (very much like you!!!). He often hides my stuff. One time i decided to take a one big revenge just for him. I took his precious little 라면 냄비. If you could see how sad he was cooking ramyun with frying pan. I gave it back to him after his return from Korea (he brought another pot actually). Oh yeaaah. I miss him so much now, no one to tease me around.

  2. 째즈 스타 says:

    Ahaha this! I hid from my boyfriend when hecame to visit me last night. I hid in the bathroom with a green towel over my head and started making ghost noises. Hahha. He found me and was like “wth”? we laughed for a good minute. I feel you on this. Little pranks help to keep that playfulness going.

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