Best Books to Learn Korean: Our Best 7

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ MY DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO. Ready to take your Korean studies to The next level? Whether you’re a beginner, or intermediate and higher looking to up your game, we’ve compiled the perfect … Continue reading

How to Say Star in Korean

We did a post on the solar system awhile back, but never got around to some of the other space vocabulary we intended to do. So today, we’re going to start off with just simple one. The word for ‘star’ … Continue reading

How to Say Honey in Korean

Koreans are just like most people and when they are in romantic relationships, they like to use terms of endearment towards their sweethearts. There are many that they use (click on the previous link), but today, we’re going to focus … Continue reading

Colors in Korean

Learning the Korean colors should be one of several things you learn once you start studying Korean. It will help you a lot when you are trying to describe certain things or hear someone else describing something. The basic colors … Continue reading

How to Say Brother in Korean

Korean differs from English when referring to siblings. For instance with English, someone is brother or sister regardless of the person’s sex. However with Korean, how you refer to your brother will depend on whether you are a man or … Continue reading

How to Say Why in Korean

Learning how to say why in Korean will take you no more than a few minutes to learn especially since it sounds slightly similar to “why”. For starters, there are two ways to say why when you want to ask … Continue reading

How to Say Congratulations in Korean

If you have Korean friends or acquaintances or if you are/will be spending a decent amount of time in Korea, this will be a handy phrase to know. You will eventually want to congratulate someone on a graduation, a birthday, … Continue reading

How to Say I Miss You in Korean

This is one of the most common phrases you will use and come across, especially if you are dating a Korean significant other. If you watch a lot of Korean dramas or listen to a lot of Korean songs, you … Continue reading

How to Say Water in Korean

The word for water in Korean is very easy to learn and kind of sounds like an extending cow sound (moo) in English with an l sound added on at the end. This should be one of the first words … Continue reading

How to Say Cheers in Korean

Chances are if you come to Korea for work or travel (and are 18+ ㅋㅋ), you will be invited to go out and drink with your coworkers or friends. When you go out with your coworkers, it is called a … Continue reading

How to Say Grandma in Korean

So last week, we did a post on how to say grandfather in Korean. So naturally, we had to do one on grandmother as well! Saying grandma follows the same standard as grandpa as there are slightly different ways to … Continue reading

How to Say Grandpa in Korean

Korean family vocabulary can be a bit difficult to learn for learners of Korean. Even Koreans don’t know all the proper terms for family members. The reason being is that unlike in English where “grandpa” or “grandma” can be used … Continue reading