Our Korean Ebooks

Here at Dom & Hyo, we provide a lot of free content to help those of you just starting to learn Korean and for those of you who are just looking to learn some new words or phrases on the go.

If you would like to take it a step further and practice and study more based on what we have produced here, you can check out some of our ebooks over at our store.

Here are some of the Korean ebooks you can find at our store:

Korean Flashcards


In this ebook we’ve made over 600 words into helpful flashcards for studying Korean. All of the words are from graphics we’ve done and are broken down into their respective categories (30 categories in total).

These flashcards come in a digital PDF file that you can print at home.

Also included is a pdf file of all the graphics that were referenced for the vocabulary words to help you pronounce and visualize the words.

Instructions for using the flashcards are included within the PDF. You can buy the flashcards here.

Cheat Sheets


This is the first in a series of cheat sheets to help you study and learn certain vocabulary on the go.

These come in 3 pages in a pdf which can be added to your tablet or smartphone for quick viewing, or you can print them off on an 8.5×11 paper (or a smaller size if you wish…just make sure the text is big enough to read), and take it with you on the go and reference it as needed.

This is a digital download which means once you make your purchase, you will be provided with a download link to save to your device.

Topics included in these cheat sheets:

– Native Korean Numbers

-Sino Numbers

– Days of the Week

– Months

– Big Periods of Time

– Seasons/Time of the Day

– Telling Time

– Years

Buy the cheat sheets here.

All Dom & Hyo Korean Language Graphics 

Compilation Ebook Cover

This contains all Korean language graphics we have made from 2014 until early 2017. You can always just go on our website and save each file individually for free, but if you would like to save time and not have to click and save so many times, you could find this digital download useful for your smartphone or tablet.

All files will be contained in a PDF for quick viewing and scrolling. There are a total of 64 graphics in the PDF. Buy it here.

All Dom & Hyo Korean Language Graphics + Flashcard Package

flashcard package cover

Save money by getting our compilation part 1 ebook and the Flashcards in one package.