Korean Vocabulary: Time Words (Years)

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These are all very common time words that you will come across in daily conversations. You can find more about periods of time with our cheat sheets over at the Dom & Hyo Store.

Here are the vocabulary in this inforgraphic:

해/년  (hae/nyeon) = Year

작년 (jak-nyeon) = Last year

재작년 (jae-jak-nyeon) = Year before last

올해/금년 (ol-hae/geum-nyeon) = This year

내년/다음해 (nae-nyeon/da-eum-hae) = Next year

내후년 (nae-hu-nyeon) = In two years

연간 (yeon-gan) = Yearly

연초 (yeon-cho) = Beginning of the year

연말 (yeon-mal) = End of the year

새해 (seo-hae) = New year

그해 (geu-hae) = That year

매년/해마다 (mae-nyeon/hae-ma-da) =Every year