Know Your Symbols in Korean

Symbols in Korean Infographic


I’ve been teaching in Korea for awhile and these would always come up in the classroom. Most students didn’t know the English for many of the symbols (especially exclamation point) and I realized I didn’t know the Korean for them. Knowing these will be useful especially for those teaching in Korea.

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  • Nacer abd el rahman

    nice I was searching for those words thank you ! >^-^<

    • Dominic ‘Dom’ Dinkins

      Nice! It can be hard to find info on some of them. Hyo was a big help here recalling her primary education lol.

      • Nacer abd el rahman

        XD thats good, thx to Hyo memory also lol

  • Patrick07


  • Daj Katrin

    DomandHyo, What is the difference between parenthesis and parentheses?

    • Joey Desormeaux

      ( one parenthesis, () two parentheses.

  • Pat Pat

    Wow…some of these are quite difficult which makes me kind of nervous, but practice makes perfect!